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The Third Period of Staff Training Begins

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The Third Period of Staff Training Begins

Issue Time:2016-08-01

Time marches on, and so do our staff training.

It is our third training period in 2016.

We had 2 lessons so far in this period of learning.

The first is to update our production form. In order to have better cooperation with our workshops, we updated our production form to make it much professional and understandable.

The second lesson we set an activity to collect much more wonderful pictures in our factory or in our own life. It pushed us go to our workshop to catch some splendid moments.

Beautiful yellow die heads

customized color of SQ50D power drives

assembly line with high efficient of pipe threading machines (two weeks can finish 200 sets of threading machines)

colorful pipe grooving machines

So hot to shipping the goods. 

We are looking forward to receive feedback of your application of our machines and tools from our buyers.