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Will You Buy iPhone X ?

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Will You Buy iPhone X ?

Issue Time:2017-09-15
Will You Buy iPhone X ?
The news and advertisements of iPhone new products are all around our life recently. And you may also learnt the rumor that someone sold his kidney to get money and just wanted to buy iPhone.

It is so crazy, right?

I learnt that iPhone X is RMB 8388, about USD 1300

What does it mean? You may find out the answer in below pictures.

You can see in the picture, the cost of one iPhone X is almost equal to one set of SQ100F pipe threading machine (it is similar with US brand RIDGID 1224 threading machine) plus 4 sets of HSS threading dies 1/2"-3/4" or 1"-2" (they are compatible with RIDGID type dies with same quality).

For the most hot sale SQ50B1 pipe threading machine in Hongli Pipe Machinery. The cost of one iPhone X can buy 5 sets of SQ50B1.

For portable pipe threader SQ30-2B, one iPhone X can buy 6 sets of it. 

This is the hot sale tool H401 tri-stand chain vice. It is multifunctional and cost effective. 

H402 bench vice is a high quality tool for pipes. One set of iPhone X costs 38 pcs of the bench vice.

Will you buy iPhone X ? Or will you try to buy the practical tools above ?