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Specialized in Pipeline Connection
Hongli Pipe Machinery ---To be the leader of pipe machinery in the world
  • Product Certificate
    CE, CSA and some other certificates are for machines. Hongli Pipe Machinery will update the certificates for existing machines and tools punctually. Each year, Hongli also will apply for some other certificates for its new developing machines and tools as per demand of the markets.
  • Company Certificate
    ISO is now main certificate Hongli Pipe Machinery has for its pipe threading equipment dealing. We hongli also make business contacts with several e-commerce third-party trading platforms. There are also some famous trading companies selling our products. They also will make inspection of our company each year to responsible to their customers
  • Patent Certificate
    Hongli Pipe Machinery, as a company with more than 30 years of experience, has been making continuous innovation each year and we will apply for patents for the new products.

Enterprise Workshops
Hongli factory has 3 main buildings for manufacturing right now and one of them will be rebuilt to be larger. You do not have to worry about the production and delivery date of your orders. Privatized plants reduce rental costs make sure better factory price then to increase your profit margins
CNC Processing Workshop
Assembling Workshops
Administraive Building
  • CNC Processing Workshop
    CNC processing workshop is the largest one. Gears, machine body castings, and all metal and tools are processed here.
  • Spray Workshop
    Hongli Pipe Machinery has its own spray workshop so that it is possible to make your own customized colors of the machines and tools.
  • Assembling Workshops
    Pipe cutting and pipe thread cutting machines and tools have their own assembly sites. Assembling lines make production convenient and fast.
  • Threading Dies Workshop
    We Hongli pipe machinery have a professional workshop manufacturing kinds of pipe threading dies. Hongli makes OEM threading dies for our professional regular customers and can also meet your customized need and will be willing to make customized products for you.
  • Warehouse
    We hongli has several rooms to be warehouses to store the raw materials, the semi-finished products and finished orders. Your orders before shipping will be shown here.
 Corporate Cultural Activities
Hongli factory consists of not only powerful hardware strength but also the human labors and talents. Each year, we hongli members have several training or competition or activities to raise our productivities from human side and also to enrich employees' life.
Trail Walk
Trail walk is a healthy outdoor activity, for those of us who often work in the office, is a good aerobic exercise for your health and creativity. We hongli members will have a trail walk every month.
Sports Meeting
The union organizes a sports meeting every year. As a positive member of the union, hongli members always attend to it. In the last basketball match, our basketball team performed well and won the second place.
Skills Competition
An annual skills competition for workshop workers. Every position has requirements for the workers on the product, the form of competition to improve the workers manufacturing excellence on the products.
New Year Dinner
The New Year is a year of summary, Thanksgiving and reunion. After a year of work, hongli members will celebrate the arrival of the New Year with a dinner before returning home for the Spring Festival and express their expectations for the coming year.
Staff Training
Training in everything from ideas to work skills will enable our teams to work more collaboratively and achieve more innovation.
Fire Drills
Production safety is always a constant topic in Hongli factory. Each year we members will have a training and fire drill. This is responsible for the safety of life and also for the safety of our customers’ goods.
Christmas Party
Christmas activities are mainly for the international sales department. Our salesmen and operators play together in the games to learn some international activities and stories about Christmas, so as to better serve our guests.
The annual Shanghai hardware fair and the Canton fair are the two exhibitions our company is bound to attend. Of course, we will also participate in many other foreign exhibitions related to the industry, such as the Hanover exhibition in Germany.
 Quality Control Team Members
Hongli R&D team and QC team are two significant parts for the quality of the products. The experience of the members are also mark the power of Hongli.
  • with 20 years + experience
  • with 5 years + experience
  • with 4 years + experience
  • with 3 years + experience
 Quality Control Progress
We Hongli have a rigorous testing process to ensure the quality of your products.
  • Outsourcing Inspecting
    Bought—In Raw Material
    Bought—In Components
  • Warehouse Entering
    Checking & Testing
    Metal Processing
  • Parts Painting
    Standard Color
    OEM Color
  • Painting Parts Inspecting & Testing
  • Assembly
    Parts Assembly
    General Assembly
  • Packaging
    Standard Packaging
    OEM Packaging
  • Packaging Producing
    Outsourcing Cartons/BMC
    Plywood Case Producing
  • Machines & Packages Inspecting
    Quality & Quantity Inspection
    Product Photos Taking
  • Finished Goods Warehouse Entering
    Marking As Per Order
    Merchandiser Delivery Notice