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What Are the Advantages of Pipe Threading Connection?

What Are the Advantages of Pipe Threading Connection?

Jun 19,2019

What are the advantages of pipe threading connection?

Thread connection is a kind of detachable fixed connection, which has the advantages of simple structure, reliable connection and convenient assembly and disassembly. It is widely used in kinds of conditions with requirements in pipe connection.

Pipe Threading Connection Advantages:

1. It is applicable to the connection construction of steel pipes and bars in reinforced concrete structure of all kinds of structures under the two-way force of tension and pressure.

2. Material saving, energy saving, no limited by the composition and type of pipe or rebar.

3. Omni-directional connection.

4. Can be prefabricated in advance, factory operation, no occupation period, all-weather construction.

5. Easy to operate, fast and speed up construction,can greatly shorten the time limit.

6. Suitable for pipe connections of various sizes.

Because the additional pressure on the pipe wall is small and it is cost-effective, thread connection is one of the widely used structures in engineering construction.

Application projects: