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Hongli Pipe Machinery under the Outbreak of COVID-19

Hongli Pipe Machinery under the Outbreak of COVID-19

Issue Time:2020-03-26
Hongli Pipe Machinery under the Outbreak of COVID-19

China suffers a lot in the past two months because of the outbreak of Corona Virus Disease 2019. Starting from January 21, 2020, for Hongli Pipe Machinery members, this year's holiday is really long. COVID-19 has had an impact on many businesses.

Hangzhou is not a severely afflicted area. From February 17, 2020, Hongli restarted our work as one of the first enterprises that the government allowed to return to work. From now on, Hongli take every members’ temperature instead of the way of fingerprint check in. This is a good way to reduce employee contact with each other. In addition, Hongli requires its employees to wear personal protective masks every day and Hongli also distributes protective masks to its employees. Hongli also does the disinfection and sterilization work every day in office area, workshops, elevators and corridors. For employees' meals, Hongli Company has temporarily replaced the communal bowls and chopsticks with disposable lunch boxes, and only one person is seated at each table so as to reduce the contact between employees.


During the impact of COVID-19, Hongli Company paid its employees as usual and gave them great encouragement. Those who were separated from work at home expressed their heartfelt thanks for the company's humanitarianism.


Today, on March 26, 2020, the last 14 workers who were quarantined in the worst-hit areas of their hometown are back to their posts. All production work go on as usual.

Photo of taking temperature at the company gate of Hongli Pipe Machinery
Photos of orderly working in workshop sites in Hongli Pipe Machinery

Photos of canteen in Hongli Pipe Machinery

Photo of disinfection and sterilization

Although it's under control now, it's already worldwide spread, especially in European countries and North America. A good job of personal protection is still necessary. For two to three months, the Chinese people worked together to fight COVID – 19 and get remarkable effect.

In the international spread of covid-19, China will do everything in its power and experience to help the world family tide over the difficulties. We believe everything will be fine as soon as possible.

Wait until the epidemic is over, let's go hiking together!