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Year End Summary and Commendation of Hongli Pipe Machinery in 2020

Year End Summary and Commendation of Hongli Pipe Machinery in 2020

Issue Time:2021-02-05
Year End Summary and Commendation of Hongli Pipe Machinery in 2020
Looking back to 2020 of Hongli Pipe Machinery

In February after the Spring Festival, I work at home, waiting for the release of the epidemic.

In the middle of March, the company's production machines began to operate. At the same time, the reconstruction of the company's building a started.

In late May, the company introduced a Project Team to upgrade the company's management.

This year, the Ministry of technology continued to deepen research and development, create innovation.

The production and processing department worked overtime to catch up with and surpass the construction period delayed by the epidemic.

Warehouse management and quality inspection department is still rigorous, to provide customers with delivery and product quality assurance.

Sales online exhibition, also actively communicate with customers, provide solutions.

Recognition of Hongli people in 2020

In order to better summarize 2020 and look forward to 2021, Hongli Pipe Machinery held a year-end Forum on the afternoon of Saturday, January 30. Leaders of all departments and representatives of outstanding employees of the company attended the meeting.

In 2020, even affected by the epidemic situation, the company will continue to carry out the work of returning to work and production. 

Through the efforts of the whole company's employees, great achievements have been made.

In 2020, the company's R & D capability has been continuously improved, and the service life of product oil pump has been further improved. The automatic production line has been put into use, opening a new chapter of automatic production. The introduction of a third-party management team has made up for the lack of existing management.

At the same time, the production workshops of the manufacturing department - metalworking workshop, die workshop, assembly workshop, new product workshop, etc. have achieved positive growth in output value, and the overall performance of the company in 2020 has increased by 8% year on year.

Today's satisfactory answer is inseparable from each of our selfless dedication and steadfast struggle of Hongli people! 

In this year's resumption of work and production, a large number of advanced employee representatives have emerged and won various honors such as individual Advanced Award, excellent employee award and team award.
The special contribution award is awarded to the member of technology department who brought new development to the company through continuous innovation. 

Hongli pipe grooving machine and pipe cutting tools performed very well this year, with a year-on-year increase of 300% in shipment. Users have received constant praise, which benefits from the continuous improvement of product quality and the stability of machine performance.

Now is the era of talent competition, talent is not only to see academic qualifications, in their own positions glow, you can also become the industry leader!

Looking forward to the development of Hongli Pipe Machinery in 2021

2020 is an extraordinary year for the company. The epidemic situation makes the beginning of this year tense, and everyone is under great pressure.

But we all have expectations for the change of our working environment. We believe that the renovation of the new factory will be able to improve our working environment, which is also working towards our mission step by step. 

To provide customers with pipeline construction, installation, testing and maintenance solutions is Hongli development direction.

Hongli New Building
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