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Hongli Has Reliable Spare Parts Management

Hongli Has Reliable Spare Parts Management

August 26,2020

Hongli Factory Has Reliable Spare Parts Management

In Hongli main product catalog, there are diverse of machinery and equipment. During the development of more than 30 years, the machines and tools are constantly updated. So the spare parts are very complex in management, but it is also very important in our management of your orders. Hongli has provided a lot of support services in this part to ensure that our orders are more accurately completed.

Software Support

In order to facilitate the systematic management of Hongli complex spare parts, Hongli brought in ERP management software. Code each accessory, even if there is only a slight difference between two spare parts, we will all code them separately. After coding into the ERP management software, it will help us to categorize the management data and avoid confusing the spare parts due to the different cognition and experience of workers.

Document Support

ERP software is used in the management of spare parts in Hongli factory. We will also meet your need of the parts corresponding to the whole machines in the form of spare parts list. If the customer has the spare parts demand for a certain machine and needs the type selection table, he can also ask our sales staff for the spare parts list. At the same time, you can also log in hongli website https://www.pipetool.com.cn/comm01/Download.htm to download the whole machine spare parts list. For customers’ professional customization needs of spare parts, Hongli technical personnel can also be customized according to the specific circumstances for you.

Warehousing Support

Hongli factory covers an area of 13,543 square meters and has built three buildings. In addition to more than ten production lines, the warehouses for spare parts has three floors, which are located on the third floor, the fourth floor and the fifth floor of the administration building. Here, large shelves are filled with all kinds of spare parts, in the form of cards to mark the details of the accessories (including the number and the time of storage, etc.), each area is equipped with a manager, responsible for the parts in and out of the warehouses.

Delivery Inspection Support

The warehouse is equipped with specialized management personnel to carry out warehousing and shipping packaging operations on the spare parts. After the ERP system confirms the code configuration, the order will be sent to the warehouse delivery personnel and the quality manager. During the delivery and packaging, the delivery personnel and the quality control personnel will double check, and the order will be sent only after the confirmation is correct.

Therefore, for the products and accessories you want to buy, with the support of the above aspects, you will receive the goods with professional guarantee. Import and export businesses cost a lot of time and transport costs, so if we can do complicated things well at one time, it will save money and time.

For machines that have been discontinued, we will keep spare parts supply for at least 2 years.

You can be sure that you have chosen us correctly!